Saucy Chorizo Rice

After having tacos at a local restaurant and suffering hours later from food comaI've been stuck on a Latin American crazeso this week I am cooking adish that wants so badly to Latin American. My boyfriend and I have fallen in love with chorizo time and time again. I love how easy it is to cook with it and how it naturally flavors anything else I cook in the same pan. I find an excuse to cook with chorizo at any time of the day breakfast, lunch, dinnersnackyou name it. Today it's in the form of a veggie loaded sauce over rice.

Originally the idea was to make a mexi-rice dish but had a sudden change of heart as I saw the sauce come together. I don't know how often this happens to you but I've receivedenough positive feedback to learn that sometimes it's worth trusting your instincts when they speak up. (I think most of the times it's because my stomach is speaking to me)

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This dish is simple and doesn't require much seasoning. The chorizo has a lot of flavor so no need to get the measuring tools out. You literally use a pinch of salt. I baked some garlic seasoned broccoli there in the back. Baking dark greens add great texture to the dish and make excellent last minute sides. Plus the boyfriend with consume without growning that there's too much veggie on the plate (the char and crunch always satisfies) Hope you have as much fun as I did slapping this dish together.


/ chorizo (3 links)

/ canned corn (3 tbsp)

/ canned black beans (3 tbsp)

/ potato (1/2 cup chopped)

/ carrot (chopped)

/ broccoli stalk (1/4 cup chopped)

/ paprika (1 tsp)

/ tomato sauce (8 oz can)

/ sour cream (1 tbsp)

/ rice (2 cups)

/ broccoli florets

/ salt (to taste)

/ olive oil (1 tbsp)

/ garlic (4 cloves minced)


1. Cut your broccoli florets from the stalk. Save the stalk for the main dish. Place florets into a large bowl. Pour about 1 tbsp of olive oil over the florets and add a couple pinches of salt. Throw in your minced garlic. You can toss the contents in the air to mix but for those who don't mind getting your hands a little messy dig in and really get an even coat of the contents all over the broccoli.

2. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Spread your broccoli over a baking tray and make sure they are approximately evenly spaced so they get evenly baked. Set time to about 15 minutes. Get rice going off to the side in a separate pot.

3. Now oil your pan with about 1 tbsp of cooking oil. Place your chopped potatoes in the pan and cook at a medium high heat. Stir occasionally so the don't burn. After about 5 minutes add the chopped carrots and left over broccoli stalk. I like to cook until I can see them brown around the edges.

4. This is when I like to introduce the thinly cut chorizo meat. I use kitchen scissors to make the links into bite sized pieces. As these thin slices cook their juice will coat the vegetables and soak in. After about 10 minutes of letting the juices and vegetables simmer together I introduce the canned goods here.

5. Use large spoonfuls of corn and beans. You can add more if you're a big fan of corn or bean. Mix the contents of the pan thoroughly so that the colors are equally distributed. Then add your last can of tomato sauce and mix again. As that cooks put one large dollop of sour cream in the middle and start to mix into the tomato-y sauce. Let this simmer until your achieve a thicker consistency.Presto! There you have it! Your sauce is ready.

6. Plate the saucy chorizo over a bed of rice and add the broccoli off to the side for a crispy break from the creamy saucy dish! Enjoy!

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