Clean Your Home in 15 Minutes


I know what you're thinking Can you really clean your house in 15 minutes? For me, I can! This is primarily for maintaining a clean home. All you have to do is set up a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Now let me warn you, this isn't for everyone. This is for people like me, who absolutely. cannot. relax. without the house being clean.

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For some of you, you do not mind designating a day on the weekend to do your chores. If that's what you like, by all means, stick to it. But if you're like me, you want your WHOLE WEEKEND to be able to do exactly what you want to do. Am I right? If that's the case, give this a shot. I've been doing this for about a month now and love it. It also helps me relax better during the week too because the house doesn't feel as dirty. And in my twisted head, I feel my day is shot anyway from work so what's another 15 minutes to tidy up a little.

Below is the cleaning schedule I use. Memorize it, or print it out. Mine is nestled nicely in my home management binder (told you I was OCD The basics are covered (dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc). What I really like about this template, is it gives you a "swing" day. The "swing" day you can fill in yourself if you choose, or use mine. This day gives you a rotation. Obviously, there are things that aren't necessary to clean every week, but should get some attention about once a month. I chose my pet peeves, but feel free to fill in your own as well.

Click here for my Cleaning Template

And lastly, ladies, if you want help with something, simply ask. I know it's hard to believe, but men and women think differently I've done it before (and will probably do it again), where I think my husband should "just know" what I want, but men don't work like that. UGH, I know! All you have to do is ask. And give them a timeline (before bed, after the commercial break, etc). They really don't mind helping, they're just a little lost lamb who needs some guidance.

If you're a lucky lady who's husband wants to get involved in this weekly, divide the chores based on what you like doing. My weird, relaxing thing is vacuuming, but I HATE washing dishes. So he washes dishes and then I do something that he despises (laundry). It's going to take a little trial and error. DON'T WORRY if it doesn't work the first week. Also, don't freak if you don't feel like doing something that night. We all have lazy nights. If you don't get to dusting one week, it won't be the end of the world.

Have you ever tried a cleaning schedule. If so, what's worked for you? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

Good luck,

P.S. If you want even more ideas, go ahead and check out my Pinterest page. I have a whole board dedicated to Cleaning and Organization. (Yes, it's a sickness)

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