How to clean out your garage

How to clean out your garage.

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Is your garage a hazardous haven for dents, damage and danger?

This is a great time to take stock of the safety of your garage and clean out and organize as needed to make this space safer and more functional, said Deborah Hanson, director of external affairs for The Lehigh Group, a consumer products supplier.

Here are some organizing tips for the garage:

Try it out. The best way to determine whether you should keep, donate or throw away is to physically go through everything to see if it works. From there, label each piece with a tag showing it's condition and the decision.

Keep it light. Add lighting to shelves and dark corners to make it easier and safer to find the tools and equipment you need. All of the boxes and labels in the world won't work unless you can see what you are organizing.

Clean before storing. Sports and pool equipment that won't be used until next summer needs to be properly cleaned and dried to avoid mildew growth. Purchase waterproof bins to keep moisture and pests away.

Out with the old. Cleaning out the garage is a great opportunity to check expirations and wipe down old cans of paint, pesticides and other garage goodies. Responsibly dispose of expired paint products and chemicals.

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