GlassWing covers all your home’s needs while you are away – our personalized home monitoring services are perfect for anyone looking for peace of mind. Insurance policies require regular home checks to keep policies valid. GlassWing Home Check will conduct regularly scheduled visits to meet your home insurance requirements, and make sure everything is as it should be with your home.

From vacant homes, seasonal travellers, Canadian Forces postings, vacations, weekends away and business trips.

All GlassWing Home Check customers receive services required by insurance companies in order to maintain your coverage in your absence.

Included for every GlassWing Home Check customer:

• keep a log of every visit, what was done, and if there were any problems that should be noted
• check windows and doors
• smoke detector checks
• security system testing
• check items to make sure they are on and working properly, including furnace, plumbing, hot water tanks, breakers, lights, clocks and timers
• flush all toilets and run water in cold temperatures to make sure pipes don’t freeze
• full property visual inspection of foundation, pools and landscaping
• we take our shoes off in your home.
• room by room walk thru looking for anything out of the ordinary (mold, pests, vandalism, water damage, etc)
• contact home owner immediately if there is anything they should know about
• follow home owners instructions whenever an issue arises during their absence
• contact your insurance company when requested by home owner and be available if insurance companies need to visit home for assessments

Then, customers are invited to choose from our list of Home Check Add-Ons:

• Regular mail collection
• Notifications when bills arrive
• Leave lights on, open/close blinds to look “lived in”
• Start your vehicle
• Shovel walkway for mail delivery
• 24 hour after severe storm inspection
• Add non toxic plumbing anti freeze
• Run washer and dryer as required
• Feed cats, change litter and a short play, small non biting rodents and reptiles will also be considered
• Water indoor plants
There are a number of “Welcome Home” services we can provide
that will make your return more comfortable:
• power up of appliances, furnace, air conditioning, hot water in preparation of your return
• a light grocery shop for your return to ensure you have some fresh food, milk, toilet paper or anything else you would like to see in the cupboards upon your arrival
• pick up pet from kennel so it is waiting at home for you
• bottle of bubbly on ice?
• How about the smell of fresh flowers in your hall when you return? we can pick up a bouquet of flowers to surprise your spouse or just to have on hand for yourself when you arrive home

GlassWing offers a free of charge 30 minute “Meet and Greet” where we set you up with a starter package. From there you can take your time in creating the perfect package customized to your needs. A full walk through of your home is required before you leave to ensure all requirements are fully understood by our team.

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