Signs Your Central Heating System May be in Need of Repair or Replacement

Like any machine or home appliance, your heating system may require heatingrepair during a few points in it's lifetime. While keeping up on routine maintenance and having your heating system inspected annually by a professional A/C and heating specialist will keep most issues at bay, there comes a time when you may need service.

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Learning to recognize the signs of a heating system in need of attention can save you from larger repairs down the road. Read on to explore some of the symptoms of a system requiring service or repairs.

  • Uneven Heating: A common sign of a problem is one room that's too cold or hot in comparison with an otherwise comfortable home. While poorly designed ductwork or an incorrectly sized heating system can cause these issues and thus warrant replacement, you should have your system inspected to see if it requires servicing for leaky ductwork.
  • No Heat: A clear sign that something is wrong is a heating system that simply won't work. In this case, call your A/C and heating specialist right away to minimize the time your home is without heat. You may face a simple repair, or your system may have simply reached the end of it's life cycle. The upside to replacing your system is that today's newer technology is more efficient than ever before, offering a return on the investment of a new system.
  • Strange Noises: It isn't unusual to hear the occasional noise as your ductwork expands or contracts, but a clanking and groaning heater is loudly telling you it's time to call a heater repair company.


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