How to create a simple cross browser compatible tab control in using javascript

The prime purpose of any website, whether it's a business website or an e-commerce website or a personal website or a government website or any other website, is to provide information to the visitors. Often we are overwhelmed with information and it becomes difficult to organize the information on the website. One of the simplest, easy to use, user friendly and attractive control to display lots of information, utilizing comparatively very less space on the webpage is "Tab Control".

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Tab control is used to organize the information in tabs, where each tab can display information on varying topics and the user can go to different tab areas by clicking on their tab buttons and at a time only one tab is visible. Although there might be many tabs, all filled with information, however at a time only one tab is visible. This is the feature of the tab control, that enables it to display huge amount of information utilizing comparatively very less space on the webpage.

Before getting started with creating a tab control, let's see what are the features, that a tab control must have to make it more appealing and user friendly to the user.

Following are some of the features, a tab control must have:

1. It must allow easy access to all the tabs.

2. The tab buttons must clearly mention the sections each of them refer to.

3. Page postback should not be there upon changing the tabs, otherwise it might seem irritating to the users.

To achieve the 3rd feature i.e eliminating the page postback upon changing tabs, we will make use of html controls that don't postback to server and javascript will be used to change the tabs upon the click of an html tab button.

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