Calming your anger

In this context we discuss what is simply a mind state in where we focus on diffusing the anger and focus on putting the fire out! Think fire fighter on this one.. The fire is blazing! Adding more fuel will inevitably make it bigger! Start thinking about gathering the water to put it out! Getting more wood for the fire will only make it burn longer.

Here is a couple of tips on how to calm down when your angry:

Silence can act as a water hose! When angry, responding ain't going to help. Bite your lip and stay quiet (say no more) as those things that are said in anger are simply the emotions talking. Another would be silence the noise. This one is more difficult to do! Well, it is for me anyway! In anger an argument will be brewing and silencing the noise can have a great effect in where they will pass from one ear to the next without causing too much damage.

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How to calm down when angry:

Is not an easy thing to do! You have to try very hard not to add to it, quiet down while the moment is in full force and begin the zen mode as soon as possible. As you can see there are many steps and it takes much practice. Next time you are angry and need to calm down take time and step away from the thing that is making you angry and start the cleaning process for yourself!

For yourself is an important point!Being angry is not good for your health and state of mind. You've got to do it for you and no one else. However angry you get that emotion and chemical in balance going on in your body is affecting you more so than anyone else.

Life Quotes How to calm down when angry re-cap:

1: Remember that being angry is hurting you and your body more so that it ever hurts anyone or anything else .

2: Take a moment or two or sometimes even three and silence all the noise externally and negative feelings internally .

3: Begin focusing on moving away mentally so you can best get into a positive state .

Life Quotes Bonus: However positive we are, we still have to deal with an array of emotions and anger is a powerful one. Part of getting back into a positive vibe is understanding this and not beating yourself up about being in a negative vibe. These things can happen! it's up to you to get out of it or stay in it .

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