How to use Institutional Investors money to buy your notes

Small notes are the best

Early in my note-buying career, I learned many valuable lessons that I would like to pass onto my blog readers.Certain lessons stick with you forever. One of the best lessons I took to heart was small notes are often the best. I've been in this business 20 years and I'm still following this advice.

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The advantages of small notes are many but, often hidden.

For example, institutional investors most often kick junior liens out of underwriting. Because of this very few private investors or brokers seek out small notes probably because their institutional investor disqualifies them.The advantage is that I have far less competition.

Other benefits to buying small notes are bigger discounts with higher yields. One small note has the potential to put you in control of a single-family house that you can put in your self-directed IRA, with very attractive senior position financing. In addition, small notes prospects may be the holder of larger notes.

A handful of small notescan create multiple opportunities to negotiatebetter transactions. This restructuring can be something as simple as restructuring to induce an earlier pay off. In addition, small notes allow you to spread your investment capital over a number of notes. This is good during times when the market might be fluctuating.

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