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Whether you are looking to have someone get up on a ladder and put a shine on your windows, clean out a year’s worth of grime from your gutters, take a pressure washer to the exterior walls or deck of your home, or check on your home while you’re away to make sure the home and belongings are safe and working correctly (Home Check), we are ready to help. And if you’re a Realtor with an Open House or Showing this weekend and you’re not sure if your house is showing as well as it should be, then you should give us a call. Commercial and residential services offered for customers in the Ottawa area. Locally owned and operated by married couple Zane Cody and Jennifer Haynes, GlassWing aims to keep customers happy by providing top notch quality services that respect the customer and their home or business.



Do you enjoy having strangers in your home? Or do you like it when service workers smoke on your property, or speak inappropriately to each other, disrespecting you and your family? We don't either. That is a large reason why we started GlassWing Window Cleaning.

We’re a small, precise operation. Currently owned and operated by Zane Cody and Jennifer Haynes. GlassWing Window Cleaning focuses on bringing you the highest quality of service, delivered with respect to both you and your home.

We understand that having strangers in your house is uncomfortable, so lets get to know each other. You’ll deal direct with the owners – if you have a question or concern it will be addressed immediately and you can trust that we only have your best interest at heart. As owners, we want to make sure every client thinks we’ve gone above and beyond on every job. And since we’ll be handling the on-site work ourselves, you can trust that we’ll all be great friends in no time.

We respect your privacy and will not take any more of your time than is needed, and we keep all details of our business with you 100% confidential, always.


We agree that there is strength in numbers, but there is also trust, quality, integrity and good old fashion passion for the work, when your team is small. GlassWing is owned and operated by married couple Zane Cody and Jennifer Haynes. They have each other’s backs, and they’ll have your’s.

Zane Cody has been climbing ladders in the toughest situations for four years. He has studied the art of window cleaning in 3 cities across the country. and even repelled off Chateau Lake Louise.

Zane Cody


With nearly 20 years in the service industry Jennifer Haynes understands that you want it right, on-time, and on-budget. She knows what it takes to deliver, every time, and always with a smile.

Jennifer Haynes



3 easy ways to make payment.

Mail-In Payment

  • Cheques only (no cash please)
  • 30 day payment terms
  • Everyone loves getting mail

Pay online.

  • Credit Cards only
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  • E-mailed receipts

Pay at your door

Super Easy.
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We’re doing everything we can to be positive contributors
to our beautiful city and the environment.

Biodegradable Cleaners
We use an orange-peel based pressure wash cleaning fluid that we use to clean your siding or walls with first before breaking out the pressure washer. The orange peel cleaner is biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly (and does an amazing job breaking down dirt).

Low Water Usage
We have adopted the process of cleaning exterior walls with our orange-peel soap and a mop before power washing. This creates a much cleaner surface than pressure washing alone, it allows us to not have to use the full power of a pressure washer (which can damage your siding), and we use much less water, which is great for the environment and the city’s water usage.All our soaps and cleaning materials we use for windows are biodegradable and include zero phosphates.

Soy Based Inks
All of our printed materials, business cards, brochures, receipts, etc are printed on recycled papers using soy based inks (no oil based inks).

Sensible Vehicle
We need a truck to transport our equipment from job to job, but that doesn’t mean we need to drive a huge gas-guzzling monster truck. Our vehicles are compact pick-ups. They’re great on gas.

Wind Powered Website
This website is hosted by the North American internet hosting company that has won more Green Energy Awards than any other hosting company in the last decade. They own a wind farm in California, and power their entire business, and this website, on wind power.

Feel free to drop us a line.

We proudly serve all areas of the greater Ottawa region:
Almonte • Arnprior • Ashton • Barrhaven • Bells Corners • Carleton Place • Carp • Constance Bay • Cumberland • Dunrobin • Embrun • Greely • Kanata • Kars • Kemptville • Manotick • Metcalfe • Munster Hamlet • Navan • Nepean • North Gower • Osgoode • Ottawa Central • Ottawa West • Ottawa South • Ottawa East • Orleans • Renfrew • Richmond • Riverside South • Rockcliffe Park • Russell • Stittsville • Stonebridge • Westboro

Ottawa, ON
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t. (613) 656 1464 e.

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Reasons to Consider GlassWing Window Cleaning?

Around GlassWing Window Cleaning we honestly take becoming a window cleaning service very sincerely. We fully grasp that truly when people are browsing to find an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa they need the ideal. Continuously all of us struggle to really be the best window cleaning service we possibly can be around Ontario. It is our commitment to remaining the standout that has gained us our significant admiration here with each of our consumers.

Being an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa all of us also always endeavor to make time to understand each of our consumers questions with great diligence and with no delay. We all inevitably put in the time. We all feel it's really vital to ensure that clientele feel truly valued and cared for.

There truly are not numerous window cleaning service which possess the knowledge together with background to brand their business as being pioneer inside their market. Combine that along with our high degree of buyer service and we certainly feel we absolutely are the finest incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa within Ontario.

Ready to start now?

Everthing gets underway with a phone call.

Phone 613-656-1464.

We'll be pleased to explore your present window cleaning service questions in depth over the telephone or via e mail if perhaps that is preferable in your case. Next we shall recommend the remedy which best suits your present demands. Hear just why people today refer to us as the ideal incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa!

Still Want Enticing? Additional Arguments Why GlassWing Window Cleaning is really A Window Washer In Ottawa

Dedication to Excellence - A Window Cleaner In Ottawa and A Pressure Washing Service In Ottawa

Our dedication to top quality is definitely extremely excessive. If you are looking to be an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa or an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa, there is in fact no other choice but to do your personal best in order to shine. If perhaps any specified purchaser requires further work, we all offer that buyer additional care. Nearly anything to be confident they are very happy with us as a window cleaning service. Remember, we work in practically all of Ontario, and so you should contact us today.

Dedication - A Gutter Cleaning Company In Ottawa and A Gutter Cleaning Service In Ottawa

Some consumers have often defined our team as an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa, an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa, an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa combined with the perfect Ontario headquartered window cleaning service that exists! Honestly this would not develop if you're lacking extremely diligent labor as well as resolve for ones customers and the excellent quality found in your end result. Anytime you might be searching to find an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa, all of us absolutely feel we really are the better pick. Simply call GlassWing Window Cleaning to speak about your needs now! 613-656-1464.

Skill - A Window Washing Company In Ottawa and An Incredible Pressure Washing Service In Ottawa

Within virtually any landscape, skill can be a big aspect affecting end results. When you may be requiring an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa, then this point will be more legitimate. With being a window cleaning service, we all can certainly explain to you firsthand how the final quality is actually dictated from the working experience of the corporation you are contracting. The extremely significant degree of expertise which GlassWing Window Cleaning possesses in being an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa, is simply just why an individual really should rely on us all for your valuable patronage. If you will be shopping for an incredible pressure washing service in Ottawa, believe in GlassWing Window Cleaning. Remember to speak to us ASAP.

Connect ASAP to Get Your Absolutely Free Assessment!

We can't be underbid. Try not to pay high costs just because you couldn't talk with all of us. Positive you have an unbeatable quote ? Why not be completely certain? Speak with us here. You could just simply discover that we are most suitable company. Lots of folks have already.

Choosing exactly which window cleaning service to retain is a confusing challenge. Otp for a knowledgeable selection. Why don't you chat to us with absolutely no expectations to recognize on your own if we all are actually the very best window cleaning service for your situation.

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